milica dj


Raised in the rich cultural milieu of Vienna, Milica began her exploration of music as a kid when she stumbled upon her parents’ treasure trove of 80s tapes and records.The eclectic mix of music on those tapes spanned across genres, from reggae to rock and iconic synth hits of the 80s, serving as the catalyst for her diverse taste in music today. This fascination with electronic beats ultimately led her to the stirring world of DJing and music production. She manages to keep up the pace with an ever-changing, evolving music scene, thanks to the exposure to an abundance of cultural events during her studies. This eventually led her to develop a keen perspective to her approach in music selection and production. Stepping onto the stage as a DJ wasn’t entirely new to her, as she had already built confidence through her theatrical studies and performances on theatre stages.

Moving to Ibiza marked a turning point in her life as well as her career. There, she had the privilege of witnessing the world’s top DJs performing at their residencies week after week. As time went on, she honed her music preferences, identifying her favourite parties and DJs, which refined her musical taste. She began amassing a collection of music and building her own library along the way.

She has carved a niche with her versatile approach to electronic music. Milica is drawing inspiration from both the pulsating beats of Ibiza and the dynamic London scene, her music transcends genres, spanning from Tech House to Minimal and featuring elements of vibrant energy of Nu Disco and soul of deep groove. To stay current in this dynamic scene, she actively seeks out demos and promos to explore new sounds and styles.

Her sets are rhythmic narratives that take you on a journey through the essence of groove based nuances of electronic music.

Currently she is releasing her first EP on Stacey Pullen’s label Blackflag with tracks that caught attention of many Ibiza DJs in summer 2023 and were played frequently by Marco Carola, The Martinez Brothers, Nic Fanciulli, Matthias Tanzmann, Richy Ahmed and Stacey Pullen. After which she got attention of media internationally and has been nominated as one of top 10 new up-and-coming Djs 2024