Lukea dj photo


Lukea, on his real name is Lucas Morello, is an artist originally from and currently based in Toulouse in the south of France.
From an early age, he had a particular penchant for percussion, which he discovered and loved through the travels he made, then immersed himself in the different cultures that gave him his very particular universe.

It was in 2016 that he moved to Paris and immersed himself in the various nights of the capital, more particularly minimal music. Fascinated by this movement, he embarked intensively on electronic type production, merging his organic influences with a darker and futuristic bent.

A few years later, he stood out through his productions as well as edits which proved to be a success and supported by many artists on the electronic scene (Barac, Sublee, Janeret, Bryz, NTFO, Jamie Jones, Princhindel and many more. This will then open opportunities with different labels in Europe as well as in America such as Bohrium Ltd, Recordeep, Puls, Wonderground, Red District and dates everywhere such as Marrakech, Paris, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade, Luxembourg…