Label visionary, musician, producer and DJ, Lee Curtiss knows how to straddle the dance industry’s many contradictions. The music he creates is as exquisitely crafted and sonically twisted as it is in global demand. The musical engine room of Visionquest, Lee first made his mark in his adopted hometown of Detroit, alongside his Visionquest label mates Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Seth Troxler. Compelled by music, over the next 10 years he transplanted to Berlin, Chicago, London and finally, Los Angeles. While moving around the globe, Lee always had the ability to harness inspiration from the musical Meccas he lived in. Through DJ sets that mine the depths of dance music’s history and live PAs that pave the way to its future, Lee has showcased his inimitable sound in the world’s most esteemed clubs and festivals.
Despite enjoying success in electronic music, Lee is much more than a house and techno producer. He has done celebrated remix work for pop icons such as Tracey Thorne and director David Lynch. He has always drawn inspiration from genres outside his own and is just as satisfied producing music with bands as he is electrifying the club. These diverse influences shine through in his work, furthering his artistic goal of “Forever contributing to expanding the possibilities of dance music.