Jay Medvedeva was born in a small port city in Far East Russia in a family of jazz musicians.
Her career started in local clubs in 2008 and continued in Moscow, when she moved there in 2010 and immediately became part of the Moscow underground scene, playing at one of the top venues at that time called Progressive Daddy.
2012, Jay flew to London to be part of large scale events – The White House London, Pacha, Warehouse , and Lightbox alongside. When not in main act spotlight, she was opening for Sven Vath, Martines Brothers, Matthias Tanzmann to name a few.
In the normal course of events, it was time to concur the USA. Un_Mute, Speaker Box, Miami Link Rebels, BMP & Tulum winter Festival, WMC, Electric Pickle, Treehouse, and her residency at Nomad that hails from Brooklyn and Washington DC, were among the places where she was exploring her versatile music style.
During 2017, several events happened. Jay became an official resident of the in-flight show by British Airways, a collaboration with International Summit of Music and Deeper Sounds radio show, her Ibiza season started with a gig at Bedouin’s Saga weekly event at Heart, Big Burn Festival in Istanbul and she launched her residency at the renowned Moscow venue- Gazgolder playing alongside AME, &ME, Crussen, Azamat and other upcoming local artists.
Later on we find her based in Berlin and working on her productions, collaborations with producer Enzo Leep and Shaun Reeves [Visionquest], signing to True Colors label a track made together with the well known live act Doyeq (which reached #1 Position on Organic House on Beatport) and with debuting at Space Miami along side Maya Jane Coles for FUSE London event, Fabric London and debuting on Sticky Plastik.
She joined the fabulous Ibiza event Keep On Dancing for a whole summer of lavish dances and good music.
The year is 2021 and our girl Jay is working on an electronic project with UNDERHER (aka Khaled Bess ) and has 2 releases coming out on Decay Records together with the Visionquest star Shaun Reeves including remixes of Giuliano Lomonte ,Davoid Gtronic, David Decay and Giorgio Maulini.