hedZup Showcases

HEDZUP RECORDS, is a Parisian label/brand founded in 2016 by WLAD and co-owned by MANCINI.
In barely 5 years, these two guys brought their french vinyl and digital label to third place of the
best world labels in their category.
Focused on the large spectrum of house music created for the dance floor, their releases regularly
hit the top 10 of all sales.
Playlisted by high profile artists such as Archie Hamilton, Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Enzo Siragusa
to name a few, their own musical productions and the ones of the label’s artists can be heard on
dance floors all over the world.
Due to popular demand and after a few years of showcases residency in Paris including dj sets, live
acts, by Archie Hamilton, Rossi., DJOKO, iO (Mulen), Diego Krause, Swoy, Cab Drivers, Dj Steaw and
many more, they decided to export its concept worldwide.