Lisbon-based DJ and Producer EVGHENIIA has been captivating audiences worldwide with her unique blend of techno and contemporary electronic music. Born into a family of musicians, her early exposure to music naturally evolved into a profound love for the expanding world of electronic soundscapes.

Formerly known as Jay Medvedeva, EVGHENIIA underwent a personal transformation over the past five years, embracing a higher frequency and a brighter light in her artistic journey. This newfound energy radiates through her performances, emanating a magnetic force that captivates and energizes her audience.

With over 15 years of experience, EVGHENIIA has graced the stages of prestigious events like Pacha, the Cannes Film Festival with Blue Marlin, UNTOLD, Neversea Festival, Moonlight Festival, Polifonic, Keep On Dancing, Space Miami, We Are FSTVL, SX Music, Burning Man, WMC Miami, Treehouse, Electric Pickle, Big Burn, BPM Festival, and many more. Her performances have seen her share the stage with industry titans including Sven Väth, Dixon, Jamie Jones, Maya Jane Coles, and Seth Troxler.

2017 marked a significant year for EVGHENIIA as she became an official resident of British Airways’ in-flight show, collaborating with the International Summit of Music and Deeper Sounds radio show.

Relocating to Berlin, EVGHENIIA focused on her production work, collaborating with renowned producers such as Shaun Reeves from Visionquest. Her track with Doyeq, where she also performed as a singer and songwriter, reached the #1 position on Beatport’s Organic House chart. She made her debut at Space Miami for FUSE London events, as well as at Fabric London and Sticky Plastik.

In 2023, EVGHENIIA and Mathew Jonson also collaborated with electronic and visual artist Tatsuru Arau, creating a digital three-part piece for the Refraction Festival, which has been shown in several cities and at the Shibuya Street Festival in Tokyo, Japan.

Last year, her classical-electronic live performance with violinist Ayken Aitbai at a sold-out show at the Berliner Philharmonie, alongside Cobblestone Jazz, showcased her versatility and depth as an artist.

EVGHENIIA’s releases include:
1. “Break INTO MY WALLS” with Doyeq on TrueColors Label, featuring remixes by Armen Miran, Hraach, Birds of Mind, Maga, Savage, and She (2021)
2. “KOZ-MIK” on Decay Records with Shaun Reeves, including remixes by Giuliano Lomonte, Davoid Gtronic, David Decay, and Giorgio Maulini (2021)
3. “Don’t Forget Me EP” on Kindisch (Spring 2022)

Upcoming releases include a vinyl-only EP on YECAD Records, featuring a second collaboration with Shaun Reeves and remixes by Mathew Jonson, Sammy D, Andrey Pushkarev, and Apoteoz, set for release in September.

EVGHENIIA’s illustrious career and her captivating performances have solidified her as a distinguished figure in the global techno scene, resonating with both underground aficionados and those frequenting the world’s most esteemed clubbing destinations.