Photo of dj / producer Dafs


A London native notorious for forging his own path; Dafs is a multi-genre musician specialising in electronic music recently dubbed as ‘London’s top boy” of rising minimal and micro stars by Trommel.

His background includes studying Classical and Jazz at an advanced level, curating events and DJing a wide range of genres. This cultivated a distinctive style of production and daring DJ sets: coalescing elements of different genres in novel and visionary ways. He’s always had the habit of seeking out lesser known, ‘low-key’ songs and curating playlists which later translated into a lifelong passion for record discovery. This coupled with frequent experimentation with various amateur computer software at a young age paved the way for a relationship with electronic music.

Dafs’ musicality, silky smooth synth work, intricate grooves, bouncy basslines and trademark use of vocals define his refreshing take on electronic music. His earlier releases range from an instant classic 6 track Dansu Discs EP of Garage edits to his deeper rolling minimal Tamiras release. More recently, he successfully self-released a groundbreaking debut album, ‘My World’, smoothly blending his musical influences into a unified body of work. In addition, his widely supported dancefloor orientated series, ‘El Capitán’s DJ Tools’, continues to light up dancefloors at major events including Solid Grooves and No Art.

His productions have received a swell of support from established DJs in House, Tech and Minimal scenes around the world including Maher Daniel, Archie Hamilton, Rossko, Mihai Pol, Prichindel, Cosmjn, Herodot, Latmun, Chklte, Chad Andrew and Seb Zito. Dafs continues to make waves in the underground music scene with a heavy release schedule planned for the upcoming year.