Bruno Curtis

Bruno Curtis, born in 1990, in Auckland, New Zealand is a DJ/Producer based in Prague(Czech Republic) . Raised in a home fuelled by art and music his mother put him in a music school from an early age to learn classical piano and also brought him up close to the world of Jazz and Blues to which are his main sources of influence nowadays. He always lived the artistic world very closely either through fashion with his cousin or through design and even musical composition through his mother, these were all factors that influenced him indulge in the music world by buying his first turntable to play his dad’s records every time he got a chance. By the age of 14 and during the drum and bass era he had already amassed an enormous record collection and had most of his older friends playing in parties across his hometown, but only two years later he would get into mixing records firstly at home by himself and later with his best friend with whom he started his first DJ act to which they called Funkaholics.
With his dj duo Bruno and his best friend grew notorious in his home town and the cities around playing gigs every weekend and participating in a number of big events across the country until 2006 where the duo decided to end and pursuit different careers paths. By that time Bruno was already deeply influenced by the Berlin underground world although still home based. It wasn’t until 2013 that through an exchange program he got the opportunity of traveling and study in Lisbon for the period of 6 months where he got in contact with the Minimal House and techno scene going every Friday to the capitals most famous club, LUX FRAGIL. There he saw most of the artists he follows today and raised his love for music to a whole new level.
By the time the 6 months were finished he was offered the option of staying and travel for a short time or to go back home. That decision made him who he is today as an artists, having traveled all over Europe attending all the major parties in the main legendary underground clubs he got in touch to a sub culture that he now considers his home.
After those long months of travel he then decided to stop in the capital of the Czech Republic that later turned into more than a year in the city. Nowadays he can be seen playing is unique style of groovy minimal with deep melodic sounds all around the city having joined forces with most of the main djs in the capital and even starting his own musical project he now hopes to make a mark in the city and Europe itself. Being the small town boy that conquered the world with his music his is biggest aspiration having amassed performances alongside big stage artists amongst the underground world such as Agustin Alvarez, Sebastian Paiza, Seb Zito, Oshana, David Delgado, SY Heslin, INXEC, Chad Andrew, Hector, Arapu & many more to come.