Her presence magnetises you. However, behind her looks from this key East-
West crossroads on the Great Silk Road, hides a complete, sensitive and hypnotic artist.

Indeed, Adassiya – whose real name is Anissa Stilli, started her singer career at the age of thirteen, recording her first album with Warner Production.

She was determined to make a living from her passion for music so she left school at the age of 18 in order to integrate the musical “Les 10 Commandements” into her life. Since then, she has been travelling around the world and discovering all the treasures it can offer.

Growing up with all these experiences, this multi-talented artist oriented her career towards the song writing. She became a songwriter for several successful French singers.
As she comes from an urban area, she found herself collaborating with many urban artists and rappers that were in high demand by her generation.

In 2016, she discovered a new passion – DJing. Behind the turntables, she feels in the perfect environment to share her art with her fans. The unique mix of her voice, energy and the DJ skills created a real buzz in the industry, quickly leading to bookings and performances at all of the best clubs in Paris, Cannes, rest of Europe, Middle East and Mexico. She has also performed for several high profile events, such as the Eva Longoria Charity Gala, L’Oréal and Yves Saint Laurent events, DIXON’S Warm up as well as other luxury brands. She started the 2022 season following a successful winter tour in Tulum, playing at parties and events such as Boho Experience, Vagalume and IT and continues with a busy summer program with her high-profile residency at the iconic Scorpios Mykonos as well as other tour dates in Ibiza, Morocco, Europe and beyond.

In 2018, she’s moved onto music production and released her first EP “La Vida”. She then continued to develop her career as a DJ/ Producer and released “Ya Habibi” (250k+ streams to date) and her most recent EP “Rebirth“ with Valeron, FNX Omar and Jaalex and her brand new single “Delali’.

Due to her experiences, origins and history, her inspiration stretches across multiple genres, from electro to organic and ethnic house music. Facing the excitement surrounding her return to her cultural roots and the modernity of today’s world, she created her own universe and started calling herself Adassiya.
Rooted in the millennials generation, she gives all of herself trough autobiographic, personal titles and stories and unparalleled melodies. Rigorous inside the studio, generous in life, Adassiya is the new sensation on the French electronic music scene.